Mikis Theodorakis
was a child prodigy. He learnt to write music without access to musical instruments. He’s written some 1000 song titles . In Greece , he became a legend not only for his music, but his efforts during the 2nd World War, his fight for freedom and democracy for all Greeks in the dark years of the Greek Civil War during the 50's and his stance  against the Junta in the 60’s where he was thrown into jail, tortured and his music banned.

His musical score to “ Zorba the Greek”  made him a legend not only in Athens but to Greeks and non Greeks around the world.

He has appeared on stage with a mass of leading actors, musicians and politicians, many who have been captured in the documentary. A highlight is actor Anthony Quinn (who played the role of Zorba in the film) dancing on stage with Mikis..
The producers literally sifted through thousands of photos and videos from his personal archives and the Athens State library to bring you this enthralling story of a great man.